XR Developer Tools

Build world-leading hand tracking with our plugins for Unity and Unreal

Our XR tooling

Add world-leading hand tracking into your application using Ultraleap’s developer tools.

We offer plugins for the popular games engines so that you can start integrating our tracking data into your experience.

Both our plugins are compatible with OpenXR meaning you can build once, and deploy to compatible OpenXR headsets. For more information, check out our OpenXR documentation.

We make regular software updates, and our plugins are open source so you can submit your own features or bug fixes for us to review, making this a great opportunity for the developer community to actively contribute to Ultraleap’s tools.

Unity Plugin

Our Unity Plugin includes tools and utilities to enable Unity applications with Ultraleap hand tracking data. We advocate for physics based hand interactions which are enabled using our award-winning Interaction Engine. We offer XRI support for the interactions Unity offers as standard. We also offer the tools you need to drive your own 3D hand assets using our hand tracking data, as well as optimized and rigged hand models out of the box.

The Unity Plugin is offered via Unity Packages on GitHub, or you can use OpenUPM and the package manager. We have compatibility with MRTK2, and MRTK3 via OpenXR.

Unreal Engine Plugin

Tools and utilities to connect Unreal Engine 4 & 5 applications to hand tracking data. We provide Unreal Engine components that you can add such as grabbing and pinching objects. Plus we offer optimized, pre-rigged hand assets, 2D & 3D direct and far-field UI interaction, and pose detection. We also have support for realistic 3rd person avatar animation, driven by Ultraleap’s finger, hand and elbow tracking to give natural movement to MetaHumans.

The Unreal Engine Plugin can be sourced from GitHub or via the Unreal Marketplace.

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Design documentation

Go deeper with documentation, design guidelines, user manuals, and information on our latest compatible tools.

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