Ultraleap Hyperion

Ultraleap Hyperion is the ultimate computer vision platform revolutionising the world of HMI


Designed with headset manufacturers and application developers in mind, Hyperion gives users access to the latest and greatest tracking models and modes from Ultraleap.

This highly flexible platform gives users unprecedented control over their hand tracking interactions, allowing them to tune different parameters and switch between models to suit their application.

Our features

Customize our tracking to suit your needs

Ultraleap Hyperion showcases a step change in the performance, power and flexibility of hand tracking. It is our most flexible platform yet, allowing you to tailor our tracking to deliver a reliable, flexible solution that meets unique business needs


Performance Switching

Hyperion offers new modes that enable customers to get the best hand tracking performance, based on device parameters or application context.


Expanded Tracking Capabilities

Direct access to the Leap Motion Controller 2 camera frames unlocks expanded computer vision use cases such as depth sensing or 3D scanning.


Robust to Handling Objects

Hyperion offers superior tracking while holding an object in your hand, with up to a 22% increase in robustness compared to previous releases, making it perfect for mixed reality.

What we offer

without compromises

Embrace the future of HMI and elevate your XR experiences with Ultraleap Hyperion, the ultimate successor to Gemini (v5).


Low latency tracking that is smooth and fast to initialize


Steady performance across a wide range of hand sizes and skin tones


Ensures precise, complex and intricate interactions always work


Consistent hand tracking even in the most challenging environments

What we offer

Getting started

Ultraleap Hyperion is available for the Leap Motion Controller 2 or our integrated solutions.

Leap Motion Controller 2

Ultraleap Hyperion is compatible and available to download for all Leap Motion Controller 2 cameras, at no extra cost.

  • Commercial license now included
  • Expanded Tracking Capabilities
  • AR Marker Tracking

Perfect for:

Commercial Application Development

VR/AR Headset Integration

Ultraleap Hyperion is compatible with all of Ultraleap’s integrated solutions. Contact us to discuss your next project.

  • Performance Switching
  • Robust to Handling Objects
  • Discreet Gestures

Perfect for:

Headset integrations

Personalized Model Training

Ultraleap offers custom training of its tracking models to accommodate new and bespoke use cases – reach out to learn more.

  • Tracking models trained for new & bespoke use cases
  • Create unique value for your customers
  • Offered for Leap Motion Controller 2 & all of our integrated options

Perfect for:

Custom solutions
API Compatibility Available for download
Native API (LeapC)
OpenXR API Layer
Hinting API
Direct camera access API’s

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Operating System Compatibilty

Not Supported

Android Devices
Raspberry Pi OS

Not Supported

Hardware Compatibility
Leap Motion Controller 2
2 Dedicated IR Cameras

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4 Shared IR Cameras

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SIR 170

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Leap Motion Controller

Not Supported

Programming Languages Support
Web socket

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Supported game engines
Use case specific models
Hand on object BETA
Microgestures BETA
Performance modes
Low power mode
High performance mode
Fiducial marker tracking BETA
UI input mode
Technical Support
Customer support provided via general Zendesk Ticketing system
Priority support via ticketing system

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Unique Features

While Ultraleap Hyperion unlocks new hand tracking capabilities it also gives direct access to the Leap Motion Controller 2 stereo IR camera hardware, expanding its use to other computer vision tasks, like depth sensing or 3D scanning.

AR Marker Tracking

Use the Leap Motion Controller 2 camera to track different sized AR Markers (also known as fiducial markers) to deliver tracking events and coordinates back to an application.

Tracking Model for Microgestures

A specific model that is trained to improve finger tracking accuracy making it possible to track very fine or subtle finger movements.

Tracking Model for Hands Handling Objects

A model that is trained to provide robust tracking when objects are being held in a users hand.

Direct Camera Access

APIs that enable developers to unlock the Leap Motion Controller 2 camera to be used for computer vision use cases.

Low Power Mode

A mode which enables hand tracking to run with reduced power consumption, without compromising on performance.

High Performance Mode

A mode that delivers increased robustness and accurate mapping of individual finger positions with low latency when computer processing power is unlimited.

UI Input Mode

A mode that enables developers to optimize hand tracking to improve the overall stability of UI interaction, especially useful when the user’s arms are fully extended.

Hinting API

An API that enables developers to switch between available models and modes according to application context.

Expanded Android Support

Support for tracking on Android 10+ unlocks a wider range of XR headsets as well as mobile devices and tablets.

Need more help?


Ultraleap Hyperion can be accessed via the Download section of the Ultraleap website. Simply select your camera and then your operating system.

Leap Motion Controller 2’s are available through different distributors, according to region. Please follow this link.

Gemini V5 is still available for download. It can be accessed via the Download section of the Ultraleap website. Simply select your camera and then your operating system.

Ultraleap Hyperion is not compatible with the Leap Motion Controller.