Sensation Designer

Introduction to
Sensation Designer

A powerful software tool for quick-prototyping and customizing mid-air haptic interactions.

What is Sensation Designer?

Sensation Designer is a software tool that enables you to design and customize haptic sensations that can be felt in mid-air. It combines the power of ultrasound technology with intuitive design tools to create engaging and interactive experiences.

What does it do?

With Sensation Designer, you can experience gesture control combined with mid-air haptic feedback and audio straight out of the box. You can craft intricate 2D sensations and project them onto a user’s hand in 3D space.

The tool allows you to define the shape, intensity, and motion of the haptic sensation. By using Sensation Designer with the Ultraleap Haptics Development Kit, you can bring your sensations to life.

Key Features

Interaction Library

The software comes with a library of proven interactions to inspire and guide you. Quickly get started by selecting an example interaction and adjust the haptic sensation and audio feedback that rhythm your interaction.

Intuitive Haptics Editor

Sensation Designer offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of creating haptic sensations. It provides a canvas for designing the shape of the haptic sensation and a timeline for defining its motion and intensity.

Get Started in Minutes

Sensation Designer works seamlessly with Ultraleap’s Haptics Development Kit. Simply connect your device to your computer to get creative with mid-air haptics and gesture control.

User Interface

Interact View

The Interact View provides a collection of interaction UI component examples combined with gesture control & mid-air haptics. These serve as a valuable reference and source of inspiration for prototyping effective haptic interactions.

 1.  Interaction Library

The Interaction Library offers interaction design examples for reference. These examples serve as a starting point and can help you understand the different possibilities. By exploring these examples you can gain insights into designing effective mid-air haptic interactions.

2. Interact Properties

This panel gives you control over various design parameters for creating custom haptic interactions. This panel allows you to augment each steps of the interaction with haptic sensations and audio feedback. You can create and tweak haptic sensations in the design view of the Sensation Designer.

3. Saving Interactions

Interact view supports saving your interaction designs, storing parameter values in a JSON file format. This allows you to preserve your designs and easily share them with others.

Design View

1. Canvas

The canvas provides a visual workspace where you can design custom haptic sensations.

2. Timeline

The timeline allows you to define the duration of the pattern, as well as its intensity and motion over time. These can further be tweaked by overlaying with the audio waveform.

3. Design Parameters

These panels provide controls for adjusting the shape, size, position, and intensity of the haptic brush. See below for further details.

Brush panel

The brush is the core element of a haptic sensation. In this panel you can chose between static brushes (circle, line) or dynamic brushes (dial, rotor) and adjust their parameters (size, speed).

Node panel

A haptic sensation is characterised by the haptic brush motion over time. In this panel, you can precisely control the position and size of the brush at each key instant. The values set in this panel are reflected on the canvas and timeline.

Intensity panel

The brush intensity (how strong it is perceived) can add an additional expressivity element to your haptic sensation. In this panel you can accurately set what the brush intensity will be at each key instant. The values set in this panel are reflected on the timeline.

Sequence panel

The sequence panel enables users to seamlessly connect and chain together two or more haptic sensations. This feature empowers users to generate more complex and captivating sensations.

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