The Ultraleap Haptics Development Kit

The Ultraleap Haptics Development Kit has been designed to enable professionals in research and design to harness the potential of ultrasonic mid-air haptics


The Ultraleap Haptics Development Kit was created to make the experience of mid-air haptic feedback accessible to everyone.

It’s the perfect introduction kit for customers who want to quickly and simply experience and present the future of spatial interactivity, today.


Included in the Haptics Development Kit is Ultraleap’s haptics customization software, Sensation Designer. With a simple to use graphical interface and several interaction examples included, gesture control combined with mid-air haptic feedback can be experienced at the click of a button. No coding or technical knowledge required!


Integrate haptic feedback into your own applications using the Haptics Software Development Kit. The Haptics SDK provides the link between your application and the haptics hardware. This enables you to augment your own applications with mid-air haptic feedback, programmatically, and enrich your users’ experience.

In the box


Setup your Haptics Development Kit

Connect camera USB-C cable to PC

Connect haptics device USB-A cable to PC

Connect power

Download Gemini hand tracking

The haptics device comes pre-mounted with an Ultraleap Leap Motion Controller 2, which tracks your hands using the world’s best hand tracking technology.

To enable hand tracking, please download and install Ultraleap Gemini hand tracking software. You will be asked to create an Ultraleap account to enable the download.


Download Sensation Designer

Ultraleap Sensation Designer is a powerful software tool for creating and customizing mid-air haptic sensations. Download to begin exploring the library of included sensations and interactive examples, before learning to create your own mid-air haptics.


Download Haptics SDK (Optional)

Using the low-level SDK you can directly control your haptics device from your own applications and experiences.

With support and examples for the C programming language, it’s ideal for developers who want to integrate haptic sensations natively into their codebase.

The Haptics SDK allows you to:

  • Create haptic sensations in code
  • Change and control haptic parameters
  • Playback haptic sensations created in Sensation Designer
  • Integrate into applications using the C API and sample code
  • Trigger haptic sensations from custom events, e.g. pinch gesture or a button in your UI

Read the guide on creating mid-air haptics

Refer to our guide to learn the basics of Sensation Designer, and how to create and customize your own haptic sensations.

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