Cat Explorer

Navigate through the anatomy of a friendly feline.

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About Cat Explorer

Cat Explorer is a fun VR demo application that points to the transformative potential of VR and natural interaction in fields as diverse as education, training, healthcare, and entertainment.

No need to master the complexities of a VR controller. Cat Explorer encourages you to learn through play and experimentation, just using your hands to interact. With no instructions, previous experience or training, people can dive into the space and quickly understand what to do. Get exploring!

This iconic VR experience is built for Ultraleap V5 (Gemini) with our interaction engine, which lets you experience nuanced physical interactions with digital objects in a way never before possible.


This virtual reality app requires:

    • A VR Headset, tethered to a PC
    • A mounted Ultraleap camera
      • Leap Motion Controller
      • Stereo IR 170
      • Leap Motion Controller 2
    • An XR Headset Mount
    • Ultraleap Gemini (V5) software for Windows

Release notes

Developer: Ultraleap

Released October 27, 2021


For help and support, please reach out using our support page.

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