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About Aurora

Welcome to a whole new world.

Aurora is a virtual space created by Ultraleap – it contains islands where each hosts a different experience for you to explore. Follow our tutorials which will show you how to navigate around the space without having to physically move yourself, and learn how to use your hands by imitating our ghost hands.

Aurora is all about interaction. You will spawn shapes with your fingers, and then grab and stack them with your hands. You will pinch in the air to generate different colour ribbons of paint that you can use to create your own abstract art in VR. You will interact with an exploded view of a product, using your hands to orientate a turntable to more easily examine and pick up different sized components.

Along with being a fun creative experience, Aurora showcases Ultraleap’s experience with hand tracking interactions and interface design reflecting a lot of what we have laid out in our XR design guidelines.

Initially created as an easy showcase for interaction research, Aurora is a sandbox environment built using our Unity plugin, which means you can see exactly what is possible to build for yourself with our developer tools.


This virtual reality app requires:

  • Ultraleap Gemini (V5) software

    • Note: this application works on for both Windows based & Pico headsets, so make sure to download the appropriate version of Gemini for your headset.

  • A compatible VR headset

    • Windows: Any headset that is tethered to a PC is supported.

    • XR2: We have tested against Pico Neo 3 and Pico 4.

  • An Ultraleap camera

    • Leap Motion Controller

    • Stereo IR 170

    • Leap Motion Controller 2

  • A VR Developer Mount


Unity Plugin Features contained in this application:

Known Issues

  • If you plug an Ultraleap camera into a Pico 4 after opening the Aurora app you will need to restart the app to initiate hand tracking.


For help and support, please reach out using our support page.

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