Leap Motion Controller 2

Say hello to the second generation of Ultraleap's iconic hand tracking camera.
From $219

Windows® 10+

64-bit, Intel® i7 processor**

5th Gen (supports AVX instructions) macOS version 11.0+

Supported processors: Intel® i7 processor, Apple m1, m2.

Power supply requirement: 5VDC via USB, 500 mA

Data connection: USB 3.0 via USB type C connector

Tracking range and field of view: Depth between 10 cm (4”) to 110 cm (43”); 160° x 160° field of view

Camera framerate: 115 fps maximum

Operating wavelength: 850 nm

Construction: Aluminium and scratch-resistant glass

Operating temperature: 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)

Storage temperature: -30°C to 60°C (-22°F to 140°)


Compatible operating systems: Windows, macOS, and Android XR2

Dimensions: 84 mm x 20 mm x 12 mm Weight: 29 g

Details about our warranty can be accessed here


Any purchase of a Leap Motion Controller 2, past or future, now includes a license for the camera so that it can be used for commercial purposes. By using the Ultraleap Leap Motion Controller 2 and associated Ultraleap Hyperion tracking software you agree to the terms of this licence, available here.

For detailed information please refer to theUltraleap Tracking SDK agreement.
For commercial licensing, please.contact us and one of our team will be in touch to discuss next steps.

Making interaction with digital content effortless.

The Leap Motion Controller 2 is the ideal hardware to experience Ultraleap’s world class hand tracking, allowing you to use your own hands in digital worlds. Bringing 3D interactions to your favourite PC applications and empowering you to ditch the controllers in virtual reality.

Designed for the world of XR

Training in VR has never been more effective

With the Leap Motion Controller 2, trainees can learn and practice critical skills in a safe, immersive, and realistic environment. Employees can master complex tasks quickly and confidently, leading to increased productivity and improved safety.

Immerse yourself in a new reality

The Leap Motion Controller 2 lets you interact with your virtual surroundings in a way that feels natural and intuitive. By using just your hands instead of controllers to navigate through virtual environments, you’ll feel fully immersed in the experience.

World best hand tracking on your favourite XR headset

The Leap Motion Controller 2 can be attached to the most popular headsets, from Pico, HTC, and Varjo, giving you the freedom to choose the perfect device for your needs. Say goodbye to controllers and enter a new world of intuitive VR interaction.


Smaller, lighter, better

Next generation hand tracking technology includes better images via higher resolution cameras, an increased field of view, and lower power consumption. All in a smaller package for optimum placement and convenience.

Ultraleap Hyperion Hand Tracking

With the availability of the Leap Motion Controller 2, Hyperion will support multiple different platforms including macOS, XR2 Android and Windows.

Tooling and Resources for Unity, Unreal and OpenXR

Whatever your platform, the future of interaction is just a fingertip away. Tools and utilities allow you to integrate hand tracking into your applications quickly and easily.

Powering Your Digital Worlds

Talk to one of our experts to explore how the world’s best hand tracking can transform your business.